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One night in late January 2017, shortly after his seventeenth birthday, my cousin’s eldest son Conner Urwin went to bed feeling poorly. Thinking it was the same virus his dad had been experiencing, both parents went to work the next day. Around lunch time my cousin Emma picked up a call from Conner and heard the words “Please help me” repeated several times before the phone went quiet. A massive bleed on the brain meant his life hung in the balance and if he recovered at all he would likely be in a wheelchair and unable to communicate. Life changed forever that day, and to stay hopeful was a constant challenge in the face of a nightmare they couldn’t wake up from.

Alongside Conner’s Story we hear from a whole range of people about what hope means to them. Some have seen their lives torn apart by mistakes they made when they were young and are desperate for a second chance. Some had great success but then what happened next completely redefined what success means. Some see injustice all around them and are frustrated that so many seem to turn a blind eye. The one thing they have in common is that they all need hope, for the opposite of hope is despair.


FEATURING: - Wojtek Godzisz and Ross Cummins (The band Symposium), Adharanand Finn (Author ‘Running With the Kenyans’), Joanne Hartley (IPP activist), Gary Stringer (The band Reef), Justin Gloden (National marathon record holder of Luxembourg), Charlie Carroll (Author ‘No Fixed Abode’), Adam Fouracre (CEO Stand Against Violence charity), Rico Costanza (Former prisoner and now CEO of Vapestar), Declan O’Shea and Christian Montagne (The band Cyclefly), Steve MacKenzie (UK fire safety expert and campaigner for justice for Grenfell), Toni Bernado (National marathon record holder of Andorra), Danny McCormack (The band The Wildhearts), Andy Hamilton (Author ‘The Self-Sufficientish Bible’), James Wotton (Street Pastor), Billy Isherwood (Author ‘From Alcohol to Atacama), Janus Eigaard (National marathon record holder of Greenland) and more…..

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