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Dave Urwin is an author and ghostwriter from Somerset, England. He has written two books of his own - 'Where Hope Springs' and 'Everything Will Work Out in the Long Run' and has helped American Ultra-Running legend Karl Meltzer with his autobiography '100 Miles is Not That Far', which is due for release this year. He has other projects in the pipeline, including the novel 'In One Single Moment' as well as helping two others to turn their fascinating stories into books. Watch this space...

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"There is a surreal lyrical quality to Dave's work that somehow grounds him firmly in reality. It's this talent that makes him an engaging and entertaining writer - one to watch."

_ Andy Hamilton (author)


"Excellent writer who combines great storytelling with warmth & humour through even the darkest subjects."

_ Vinny Syme: reader



"It’s a thing of beauty and very much what I needed to read right now.”


_ Luke Kennard (poet) talking about Where Hope Springs

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